Blue Ridge Shopping Center, Crozet, Virginia     Developed by Great Eastern Management Company


Harris Teeter Store Design - Crozet - First  LEED Certified!

Harris Teeter is committed to sustainable energy efficient designs and practices that are economically viable for our company as it pertains to development, construction and maintenance of our facilities.

We are currently building our first LEED's certified store in Crozet, VA opening in 2008.

Energy Star LogoWe have embarked on the Energy Star building labeling program. This program allows us to benchmark and score our stores to industry standards. Our goal is to be recognized in the industry as best in class. We had 16 buildings labeled in 2006. We will continue our efforts in 2007 and plan to label 35 stores in 2008.

Systems that are currently in place at Harris Teeter include:

  • Energy efficient roofing system
  • Energy Management Programs that utilize high efficiency equipment and designs
  • Non-Ozone Depleting Refrigerants in our refrigeration systems for new stores and major remodels   
  • Water conservation devices at all sinks, toilets, and faucets 
  • High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters (94 96% efficient) Heat reclaimed from refrigeration systems provide heat for water and space conditioning  
  • Proper disposal of all refrigeration oil and refrigerant
Systems Currently Being Tested

We currently have two stores in which we are testing a variety of energy efficient and alternate building system concepts for eventual rollout to all stores.
  • Day light harvesting system, includes both skylights and dimmers.   
  • Dual Path HVAC systems
  • Melink Hood Control System 
  • Innovative control strategies
  • Energy monitoring system

Future Initiatives
  • We are currently building our first LEED's certified store in Crozet, VA opening in 2008.
  • Purchase only energy star labeled equipment when available.
  • Require all equipment vendors and suppliers to provide information on their current recycling, waste disposal and green initiatives.
  • We will build our first secondary refrigerant system in a store in Charlotte, reducing our HFC refrigerant by 50%


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